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Calling on all abseilers

We are currently looking for L1 an L2 abseilers/window cleaners in London for a 4 week run of window cleaning/maintenance jobs which should take you nicely into Christmas break. Call Maciek if intrested on 07904584646 or drop us a CV



Summer is over, did some Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca, best climbing on the planet, no ropes though so have to remember to put the harness on for work. Beter quality pics in Photo Gallery.

.Deep Water Soloing


Tyrolean traverse/horizontal tensioned lines

Tyrolean Traverse/tensioned lines



IRATA Level 3

And again the hardest week of my life, re-doing my Level 3. This is rope access supervisor. Insist on having one on site all the time as this is how it should be done. No cutting corners here, levels 1 and 2 simply cannot handle all scenarios and paperwork that the modern rope access brings. All ROACC personel are IRATA trained and we follow IRATA guidlines. This is our way of ensuring that the job is done safely and up to standard.



How NOT to do it

This kind of practices, observed on a busy London road is not a thing of the past, this happened today, any one of them could have been killed or seriously injured, the alternative - rope access provides safer alternative but requires effort, qualifications and skills. Abseil access provides:

* flexibility

*cost effectivness



*proven track record

Why risk employing cowboys on your building? 


Height Safety Systems It is a frequently overlooked aspect of building managment but providing safe working environment is one of the duties of both building managers and business owners. Many roofs we come across should not be accesible by untrained personel yet frequently only a bolted hatch separates them from comunal stairwell. This can lead to accidents.


Just one photograph of us in full battle gear getting ready for night abseil for this exciting movie, should be on dvd any day now.



Summer is here 

Looks like the weather improved sufficiently to tempt everybody outdoors, ROACC  is in full swing doing ultrasonic testing of defective facades and making the building secure, we have jsut finished abseilign on one of the larger tower blocks on the Brighton coast, exciting. Also in store is some window cleaning from abseil just to keep things varied.

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ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN  is the title of new British crime thriller hitting the cinemas on 05.04.2013, if you get a chance to see it, all the abseiling is done by us, many days and nights of filming last year but great fun, abseiling Broadgate Tower at night in freezing cold wearing only spandex suits is one of the more memorable scenes. Hope you like the movie



Swamped with work ranging from decorationg jobs to access safety assistance, we even worked through Bank Holiday weekend, do not try this at home.