Residential and commercial properties rope access maintenance

With broad experience in residential and commercial properties in London no job comes as a surprise.
Whether it’s down pipe replacement or painstaking leak tracing we offer access solutions and cost effective maintenance services. At the same time we have knowledge that enables us to solve problems rather than multiply them.

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Range of our rope access services includes:

  • Roof repairs and maintenance
  • Regular gutter cleaning: organized and scheduled
  • Leak tracing
  • Drain cleaning surveys and jetting
  • Gutter and downpipe replacement/installation and maintenance
  • External plumbing
  • Alarm systems maintenance
  • Difficult access
  • Photographic surveys
  • Mastic work on expansion joints, windows, metal to metal connections, etc.
  • Lightning conductors installations and maintenance
  • Pointing and brick repair
  • Waterproofing

Whether it’s a one day job or a month long project count on us to deliver a high standard, safe and effective service.

Case study

Bognor Regis high rise block of flats experienced leaks due to defective pointing of some sills and concrete face detail. During the course of 5 days our experienced team abseiled the 20 story building several times to get to all the problematic spots all over the west elevation. Raked out and re-pointed defective areas. We also applied Waterseal masonry waterproofer in 2 coats as requested by the client. Result – leaks stopped at a fraction of cost compared to 40+ meters scaffolding.